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Filing for Office Begins May 17

Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Filing for office is the process by which a candidate’s name gets placed on the ballot.  Requirements to file for City offices include being:

  • Eligible to vote.
  • 21 years old upon assuming office.
  • A resident of Blaine 30 days before the General Election.
  • A resident of the ward in which they are filing unless filing for Mayor, which is at large.

A filing fee of $50 or petition in place of the filing fee is required. City offices for the 2016 General Election include Mayor (at large) and one seat in each of the three Councilmember Wards. Filing begins May 17 and ends at 5pm on May 31.

For more information visit the City’s website or contact the Blaine Elections Office at  or 763-717-2737.

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