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Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Geocaching is initiated by an individual hiding a cache, normally a waterproof container with small items inside, then recording the location with a Global Positioning Unit (GPS).  The cache may be in a hollow log or under an object.  The individual then posts the GPS coordinates, along with a description of the cache on the geocaching web site (  Other individuals then try to find the cache.  When it is located, they sign a log book, then take or leave a small item.  They also post their find on the on-line log book.

Blaine Park and Recreation has GPS Unit Rental for One Day or Weekend use.  See rental form at or come to the Park and Recreation Office for details and rules. Copy of Driver’s License is required.

Geocaching Guidelines in Blaine Parks

  1. Caches must be registered at Offsite Link.
  2. Unregistered caches will be removed by the City of Blaine.
  3. Caches must have the name of the cache on the exterior.
  4. Caches must not be buried.
  5. Caches must not contain items that are offensive, dangerous, illegal, or perishable.
  6. The City of Blaine retains the right to remove, or have removed, a cache it feels is in an inappropriate location or is causing undue impact on the natural habitat.
  7. Caches must be at least 1/10 of a mile (528 feet) apart.
  8. Caches are not allowed in picnic areas, playground areas, athletic complexes, and beach area.
  9. Caches must be at least 25 feet away from electrical boxes.
  10. Geocaching may only occur during normal park hours 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  11. Geocaching is not allowed in environmentally sensitive areas of park and open space areas, as determined by the City.
  12. Geocaching is not permitted on private property when entered from a park or open space.
  13. Accessing private property from public property for hiding or seeking caches is not allowed.

Recommended Geocaching Locations include:  Pioneer, Lochness, Laddie Lake, Trees Edge, Kane Meadows, Hidden Ponds, West Lake, Open Space South Lake Blvd. & Naples Circle.

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