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Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Press Release Blaine High School Incident 02/07/17 Offsite Link


14-105 Animal - Dog Bite - Quarantine Offsite Link
14-141 Dogs to be Under Restraint Offsite Link
14-144 Barking Dogs Offsite Link
14-145 Dog Defecation Offsite Link
14-171 Dog License Offsite Link
14-172 Animal - Dog Tag Offsite Link
14-61 Animals at Large Offsite Link


2/13/2014 - City Council Meeting Offsite Link
2010 Census Results for Blaine Offsite Link
2013 Drinking Water Report Offsite Link
2014 Drinking Water Report Offsite Link
2015 Drinking Water Report Offsite Link
20th Annual Safety Camp a Success Offsite Link
22-291 Peddlers - License Required Offsite Link


34-322 Outdoor Storage - Junk and/or Junk Vehicles; Grass Piles/Yard Waste Offsite Link
38-64 Ignition Device Offsite Link
3M Championship Offsite Link


46-73 Speed - Trailer Parks Offsite Link


50-111 Weapons - Definitions Offsite Link
50-112 Weapons - Dangerous Offsite Link
50-115 Weapons - Discharge Offsite Link
50-116 Hunting With Bow and Arrow Offsite Link
50-144 Disorderly House - Operation of Offsite Link
50-145 Disorderly House - Visiting or Remain In Offsite Link
50-155 Ultimate Fighting Offsite Link
50-181 Harassing Phone Calls Offsite Link
50-286 Curfew - Juvenile Offsite Link
50-312 Possess - Marijuana Drug Paraphernalia Offsite Link
50-55 Defacing Public Property - Graffiti Offsite Link
54-71 Park Curfew Offsite Link
54-73 Alcohol in the Park Offsite Link


6-35 Alcohol - Consume in Public Place Offsite Link


70-4 Dumping - Leaves/Grass on Street Offsite Link


82-112 Driving on City Property Offsite Link
82-113 Damage to Barricades Offsite Link
82-151 Parking - 48 Hours/Winter Parking Offsite Link
82-152 Parking - During Snowfall Offsite Link
82-153 Parking - Violation Posted Sign Offsite Link
82-154 Parking - Commercial Vehicle Residential Parking Over 2 Hours Offsite Link
82-155 Vehicle in Park After Curfew Offsite Link
82-156 Parking - As To Cause Obstruction Offsite Link
82-192 Recreational Vehicle - Operation of Offsite Link
82-192 Recreational Vehicle - Without Written Permission Offsite Link
82-195 Recreational Vehicle - Snowmobile Offsite Link
82-6 Sale of Vehicles Offsite Link
82-91 Unreasonable Acceleration Offsite Link

A - Summer Safety Tips Offsite Link
Absentee Voting Offsite Link
Achieve Services, Inc. Offsite Link
Additional Project Information - 5/19/2010 Offsite Link
Adult Programs Offsite Link
Agendas & Minutes Feed Offsite Link
Agendas and Minutes (EDA) Offsite Link
Agendas and Minutes (NRCB) Offsite Link
Agendas and Minutes (PB) Offsite Link
Agendas and Minutes (PC) Offsite Link
Alerts and Warnings Offsite Link
Alexandra House Offsite Link
American Red Cross Offsite Link
Anoka County / Blaine Airport Offsite Link
Anoka County Airport Offsite Link
Anoka County Commissioners Offsite Link
Anoka County Community Action Program Offsite Link
Anoka County Community Action Program (ACCAP) Offsite Link
Anoka County Compost Site Offsite Link
Anoka County Construction Weekly Offsite Link
Anoka County District Finder Offsite Link
Anoka County Election Results Offsite Link
Anoka County Emergency Management Offsite Link
Anoka County Highway Department Offsite Link
Anoka County Historical Society  Offsite Link
Anoka County Human Resources Offsite Link
Anoka County Libraries Offsite Link
Anoka County License Center Offsite Link
Anoka County Mediation Services Offsite Link
Anoka County Monthly Sheriff Sales Offsite Link
Anoka County Parks Offsite Link
Anoka County Property Records and Tax Offsite Link
Anoka County Radio Club Offsite Link
Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions Offsite Link
Anoka County Sheriff’s Office Offsite Link
Anoka County Transit Offsite Link
Anoka Historical Society Offsite Link
Anoka Ramsey Community College Offsite Link
Anoka Senior Center Offsite Link
Anoka Technical College Offsite Link
Anoka-Hennepin ISD #11 Offsite Link
Anthracnose Offsite Link
Area Campgrounds Offsite Link
Area Opportunities Offsite Link
Ash Plant Bugs Offsite Link
Ash Rust Offsite Link
Assisted Living Directory Offsite Link
Association of Minnesota Building Officials Offsite Link
Association of MN Building Officials Offsite Link


Blaine CityConnect - January/February Offsite Link
Blaine CityConnect Mar/Apr Offsite Link
Blaine Commercial Property Map Offsite Link
Blaine Festival Offsite Link
Blaine High School Offsite Link
Blaine Industrial Property Map Offsite Link
Blaine Issues 137 Housing Permits, Most in Anoka County (article by Star Tribune) Offsite Link
Blaine SNA Offsite Link
Blaine SNA Dedication - Star Tribune Offsite Link
Blaine Snapshot - 1990 vs 2015 Offsite Link
Blaine Triathlon Offsite Link
Blaine Triathlon has a New Website Offsite Link Offsite Link Offsite Link Offsite Link
Board of Architecture & Engineering Offsite Link
Builders Association of Minnesota Offsite Link
Building Codes in Effect Offsite Link


Calvin Christian School Offsite Link
Cardinal Stritch University Offsite Link
CC Other, Closed, & Special Offsite Link
CC Regular Offsite Link
CC Workshop Offsite Link
Census Information Website Offsite Link
Centennial District ISD #12 Offsite Link
Centennial Elementary School Offsite Link
Centennial High School Offsite Link
Centennial ISD #12 Offsite Link
Centennial Sports Arena Offsite Link
Center for Energy and Environment Offsite Link
CenterPoint Energy Offsite Link
CenterPoint Energy - 612-372-4727 Offsite Link
Centers for Disease Control Offsite Link
Certegy Payment Recovery
Check America Corporation Offsite Link
Chores and More Service Offsite Link
Cities Matter Offsite Link
Citizen Observer Offsite Link
Citizen’s Corps Offsite Link
City Code of Ordinances Offsite Link
City Interactive Map Offsite Link
City Mapping Application Offsite Link
City Zoning Ordinance Offsite Link
Civil Air Patrol Offsite Link
Code Ready Offsite Link
College of St. Catherine Offsite Link
Columbia Heights Senior Center Offsite Link
Community Garden Offsite Link
Connexus Energy Offsite Link
Connexus Energy - 763-323-2650 Offsite Link
Coon Rapids Senior Center Offsite Link
Crash Data Offsite Link
Crime Prevention Newsletter Offsite Link
Current Agendas and Minutes Offsite Link
Current Development Activity Offsite Link
Cytospora Canker Offsite Link


Dance Offsite Link
Demographics - 2010 Offsite Link
Dept of Natural Resources Offsite Link
District Finder Offsite Link
Download Android App Offsite Link
Download iPhone App Offsite Link
Drinking Water Report Offsite Link
Drinking Water Supply Management Areas (DWSMA) Offsite Link
Drug Websites
Dunwoody Technical College Offsite Link
Dutch Elm Disease Offsite Link


Early Leaf Drop Offsite Link
Email Updates Offsite Link
Emergency Preparedness for Individuals and Families  Offsite Link
Equifax Offsite Link
Experian Offsite Link
Extreme Heat Offsite Link


FaceBook - BlaineBizMN Offsite Link
FaceBook - BlaineMN Offsite Link
FaceBook - BlaineParksMN Offsite Link
Family Caregiver Connection Offsite Link
Farmers Market Offsite Link
Federal Trade Commission Identify Theft Department Offsite Link
FEMA Offsite Link
FEMA for Kids Offsite Link
Fertilizing Offsite Link
Fire Blight Offsite Link
Fire Corps Offsite Link
Fire Department Offsite Link
Fire Department ( Offsite Link
FirstSite Staffing Offsite Link
Flickr Offsite Link
Flooding and Flash Floods Offsite Link
Flower Gall Offsite Link
Fogerty Ice Arena Offsite Link
Foreclosure Information Video Offsite Link
Forest Research Extension Service Offsite Link
Four Seasons Curling Club Offsite Link
Fridley Senior Center Offsite Link


Global Payments Offsite Link
Go Anoka County Offsite Link
Gopher State One Call Offsite Link


Ham Lake Senior Center Offsite Link
Hamline University Offsite Link
Hazardous Waste Disposal Offsite Link
Hiring an Arborist Offsite Link
Home Safety Challenge Offsite Link
Home Safety Council Offsite Link
Housing Link Offsite Link
HSI Victim Notification Program Offsite Link
Human Resources


I35W Project Offsite Link
Identity Theft Resource Center Offsite Link
Interactive Development Projects Map Offsite Link
Internal Revenue Service Offsite Link
Investigation Leads to Criminal Complaint Offsite Link


Jefferson Elementary School Offsite Link
Johnsville Elementary School Offsite Link


KateHaven Golf Course Offsite Link


Leaf Gall Offsite Link
Lee Carlson Center Offsite Link
Legislative Representatives Offsite Link
Lessons Learned Information Sharing Offsite Link
Lodging North Metro Area Offsite Link


Madison Elementary School Offsite Link
Mayo Clinic Offsite Link
Medical Reserve Corps of Anoka County Offsite Link
Medication Drug Take Back Drop Off Offsite Link
Meth Websites
Metro Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Metro State University Offsite Link
Metro Transit Offsite Link
Metro Transit Commission Offsite Link
MetroNorth Chamber Offsite Link
Metropolitan Airports Commission Offsite Link
Metropolitan Council Community Profile Offsite Link
Metropolitan Council Sewer Availability Charge Offsite Link
Minnesota Department of Commerce Offsite Link
Minnesota Department of Health Offsite Link
Minnesota Department of Homeland Security Offsite Link
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Offsite Link
Minnesota Department of Public Safety Offsite Link
Minnesota Department of Transportation Offsite Link
Minnesota Division of Emergency Management Offsite Link
Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services Offsite Link
Minnesota Energy Challenge Offsite Link
Minnesota Extension Service Offsite Link
Minnesota Historical Society Offsite Link
Minnesota Voluntary Organizations Active in a Disaster Offsite Link Offsite Link
Miracle League of Blaine, MN Offsite Link
MN Board of Architecture and Engineering Offsite Link
MN Construction Codes and Licensing Division Offsite Link
MN Dept of Revenue Offsite Link
MN Dept of Transportation Offsite Link
MN Div of Emergency Mgmt Offsite Link
MN Extension Service - Yard and Garden Section Offsite Link
MN House of Representatives Offsite Link
MN School of Business Offsite Link
MN Senate Offsite Link
MN Shade Tree Advisory Committee Offsite Link
MN Society of Arboriculture Offsite Link
MN Uniform Firearm Application/Receipt Permit to Purchase/Transfer Offsite Link
MN Wildflowers Offsite Link
MnDNR Floodplain Management Program Offsite Link
Mounds View High School Offsite Link
Mounds View ISD #621 Offsite Link
Moundsview High School Offsite Link
Mpls/St. Paul Intl Airport Offsite Link
My Minnesota Woods Offsite Link


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Offsite Link
National Sports Center Offsite Link
National Voluntary Organizations Active in a Disaster Offsite Link
National Water Safety Program Offsite Link
National Weather Service Offsite Link
Newsletter Article: Blaine Wetland Sanctuary Project Moves Foward - 3/3/2017 Offsite Link
Night to Unite Offsite Link
North Metro 15 Media Access Center Offsite Link
North Metro Channel 15 Offsite Link
North Metro Home & Garden Show Offsite Link
North Metro Telecommunication Media Center Offsite Link
Northpoint Elementary School Offsite Link
Northstar Commuter Rail Offsite Link


Oak Wilt Offsite Link
Online City Charter Offsite Link
Online Code of Ordinances Offsite Link Offsite Link
Outings Offsite Link


Parks and Rec Online Reg Offsite Link
Parks Interactive Map Offsite Link
Playing it Safe - Kids Book Offsite Link
Police Explorers
Police Reserves
Polling Place Finder Offsite Link
Positively Minnesota Offsite Link
Positively Minnesota and Anoka County Workforce Center Update Offsite Link
Postal Inspection Service Offsite Link
Potholes: MN Pothole Professionals - Smoothing the Way to Safer Travel Offsite Link
Programs Offsite Link
Project Bidding Information - 7/8/2013 Offsite Link
Project Bidding Information - 5/13/2013 Offsite Link
Project Bidding Information - 5/28/2013 Offsite Link
Project Bidding Information - 6/17/2013 Offsite Link
Project Bidding Information - 9/9/2013 Offsite Link
Project Website Offsite Link
Property Information LookUp Offsite Link
Protecting Trees from Construction Damage Offsite Link
Pruning Offsite Link


Quest Bidding Information Offsite Link


RAIDS Google Plus Site Offsite Link
RAIDS Twitter Site Offsite Link
Ramsey County Emergency Management Offsite Link
Rasmussen College Offsite Link Offsite Link for Kids Offsite Link
Recycling and Collection Zone Calendar and Map (A/B) Offsite Link
Register Online Offsite Link
Registering to Vote On Election Day Offsite Link
Request a Garbage Hold Offsite Link
Request a New Cart Size Offsite Link
Request For Bid - 2/29/2016 Offsite Link
Residential Developments Offsite Link
Retired Senior Volunteer Pgrm Offsite Link
Rhizosphaera Offsite Link
Rise, Inc. Offsite Link
Roosevelt Middle School Offsite Link


Safety Camp Offsite Link
Safety Camp Program Offsite Link
Salvation Army Offsite Link
Sawfly Offsite Link
SBM Fire Department Offsite Link
Schwan's Super Rink Offsite Link
Secretary of State ( Offsite Link
Secretary of State (Pollfinder) Offsite Link
SEH Project Information Page - 4/9/2014 Offsite Link
Senior Companion Program Offsite Link
Senior Information Line Offsite Link
Senior Linkage Line Offsite Link
Senior Outreach Program Offsite Link
Senior Safety and Wellness Fair Offsite Link
Services Directory
Severe Weather, Lightning and Hail Offsite Link
Sign Up for Email Updates Offsite Link
Speed Limits: Why Do We Have Them? Offsite Link
Sports and Camps Offsite Link
Spring Lake Park High School Offsite Link
Spring Lake Park ISD #16  Offsite Link
Spring Lake Park-Blaine-Mounds View Fire Department Offsite Link
SSN Fraud Hotline Offsite Link
State and Federal District Finder Offsite Link
State Building Codes & Standards Offsite Link
Staying Alive - Summer Safety Tips Offsite Link
Stepping Stone Offsite Link
Stop Signs: Why Do We Have Them on Residential Roads? Offsite Link
Summer Concert Series Offsite Link


Today's Severe Weather Awareness Topic: Floods Offsite Link
Today's Severe Weather Awareness Topic: Storms, Hail and Lightning Offsite Link
Today's Severe Weather Awareness Topic: Tornadoes Offsite Link
Today's Severe Weather Topic: Alerts and Warnings Offsite Link
Tornadoes (Statewide Firedrill) Offsite Link
TPC of the Twin Cities Offsite Link
Traffic Counts Offsite Link
TransUnion Offsite Link
Transworld Systems, Inc. Offsite Link
Twin Cities Gateway Offsite Link
Twin Cities North Chamber Offsite Link
Twitter - BlaineBizMN Offsite Link
Twitter - BlaineMN Offsite Link
Twitter - BlaineParksMN Offsite Link


University Ave Elem School Offsite Link
University Avenue Elementary School Offsite Link
University of Minnesota Offsite Link
University of St. Thomas Offsite Link
Updating Your Voter Registration Record Offsite Link
US Department of Homeland Security Offsite Link
US Equal Employment Opp Comm Offsite Link
US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Offsite Link
US House of Representatives Offsite Link
US Senate Offsite Link
USA Jobs Offsite Link Offsite Link


Vehicle Donation Offsite Link
Vehicle Donation Information Offsite Link
Victory Links Offsite Link
Video: Foreclosure Information Offsite Link


Walters Recycling and Refuse Offsite Link
Way of the Shepard Offsite Link
Weather Offsite Link
Weather Radio Programming Offsite Link
Weather Radios Offsite Link
Westwood Intermediate School Offsite Link
Westwood Middle School Offsite Link
Window Covers Safety Council Offsite Link
World Fest Offsite Link Offsite Link Offsite Link Offsite Link Offsite Link


X-Act Rio
Xcel Energy Offsite Link
Xcel Energy - 800-895-4999 Offsite Link


Yardwaste (Compost) Offsite Link
YMCA Offsite Link
Youth Programs Offsite Link
YouTube Offsite Link


Zoning Ordinance Offsite Link

Blaine, Minnesota - Video TourBook