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Thursday, March 23, 2017
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Contact Information

City Hall Offices
10801 Town Square Drive NE
Blaine, MN 55449
Hours of Operation
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday
Directions to City Hall
Police Department
10801 Town Square Drive NE
Blaine, MN 55449
763-785-6168 (Administrative Offices)
911 or 763-427-1212 (Non-Emergency and Emergency)
Hours of Operation
7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday
Directions to PD
Public Works Facility
1801 - 101st Avenue NE
Blaine, MN 55449
Hours of Operation
7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Monday - Friday
Directions to PW
Mary Ann Young Senior Center
9150 Central Avenue
Blaine, MN 55434
Hours of Operation
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday
Directions to MAYSC

Alphabetical Search


- GENERAL INQUIRIES -,  763-785-6170


Andrea, Heidi  Email Web Coordinator 763-717-2638
Archer, Linda  Email Community Standards Administrative Assistant 763-785-6187
Arneson, Clark  Email City Manager 763-785-6120


Baker, Jeffrey  Email Fire Inspector II 763-717-2676
Beckes, JoAnne  Email Imaging Specialist 763-717-2656
Biebl, Sandy  Email Senior Clerk 763-785-6165
Billing, Utility Main Information Line 763-785-6141
Bradley, Chuck  Email Street Department Supervisor 763-717-2659
Brouillard, Stan  Email Senior Building Inspector 763-717-2649
Brown, Ward  Email Budget/Fiscal Analyst 763-785-6126
Bugge, Dawn  Email Planning/Administrative Assistant 763-785-6180
Buth, Krista  Email Commercial Utility Billing Specialist 763-785-6141


Campbell, Jodi  Email Rental License Clerk 763-785-6146
Chesness, Sheri  Email Human Resources Coordinator 763-717-2624


Dellich, Stacy  Email Deputy City Clerk 763-785-6122
DEPARTMENT CONTACTS,   Email 763-785-6165
Derr, Lisa  Email Administration Technician 763-785-6120
Diaz, Israel  Email Fire Inspector I 763-717-2750
Drayfahl, Blaine  Email Neighborhood Services Specialist 763-717-2625
Duchene, Mark  Email Fire Inspector II 763-717-2644
Dussault, Terry  Email Human Resources Director 763-785-6154


Evans, Krista  Email Commercial Utility Billing Specialist 763-785-6141
Ewald, Rayla  Email Human Resources Technician 763-785-6109


Fiske, Bob  Email Community Standards Director/Fire Marshal 763-717-2629
Friedrich, Bonnie  Email Supervisor/Accounting 763-785-6131


Genosky, Ann  Email Senior Center Coordinator 763-786-9375
Gray, Lucy Engineering Administrative Assistant 763-785-6172
Griebel, Bruce  Email Payroll Specialist 763-785-6145


Hafner, Jim  Email Stormwater Manager 763-785-6188
Hannan, Tracy  Email Residential Utility Billing Specialist 763-717-2653
Hauck, Dan  Email Chief Building Official 763-785-6176
Haver, Roark  Email Communications Technician/Recycling Coordinator 763-785-6192
Heitkamp, Diane  Email Park and Recreation Secretary 763-785-6164
Higgins, Stefan  Email Assistant City Engineer 763-717-2722
Howard, Kyle  Email Utility Billing Supervisor 763-717-2637
Hupp, Nancy  Email Special Assessment Clerk 763-785-6143
Huss, Joe  Email Finance Director 763-717-2677


Jensen, Kathy  Email Receptionist/Cashier 763-784-6700
Johnson, Shelley  Email Senior Center Director 763-786-9375
Johnson, Lori  Email Associate Planner 763-785-6198
Jorgensen, Allen  Email Building Inspector 763-717-2735


Kaye, Shawn  Email Associate Planner 763-785-6183
Keely, Jean  Email City Engineer 763-785-6171
Kirkeide, Gary  Email Building Inspector 763-717-2627
Kotsmith, Dee  Email Accounting Specialist 763-717-2641
Krieger, Jerome  Email Recreation Manager 763-785-6161
Kunza, Shari  Email Recreation Manager 763-717-2723


Linngren, George  Email Water Department Supervisor 763-785-6137


Madigan-Camp, Donna  Email Administative Float 763-717-2779
Manz, Timothy  Email Senior Building Inspector 763-785-6175
McDonald, Rhonda  Email Senior Inspections Clerk 763-717-2628
Miller, Todd  Email Deputy Fire Marshal 763-785-6173
Monahan, Nate  Email Recreation Manager 763-785-6151


Olson, Chris  Email Safety Services Manager/Police Chief 763-785-6132


Pelkey, Dan  Email Emergency Management Director/Police Lieutenant 763-717-2626
Philipps, Cindy  Email Accounts Payable Specialist 763-785-6140
Pollock, Leslie  Email PT Clerk Typist II 763-785-6165
Potvin, Eric  Email GIS/GPS Technician 763-717-2740
Prebil, Matt  Email Fire Inspector I 763-785-6184
Private, Bridget  Email Inspections Clerk 763-717-2657


Raatsi, Eric  Email Engineering Technician II 763-717-2720
Richter, Cory  Email GIS Coordinator 763-717-2639
Rud, Jerry  Email Senior Engineering Technician 763-717-2721
Rybak, Colleen  Email Building Inspector 763-717-2636


Sapp, Linda  Email Senior Clerk 763-785-6165
Schafer, Bryan  Email Planning & Community Development Director 763-785-6144
Schluender, Dan  Email Assistant City Engineer 763-785-6158
Scott, Tom  Email Project Coordinator 763-785-6182
Sehm, Jami  Email Building Inspector 763-785-6169
Shippee, Marc  Email Park Supervisor/City Forester 763-717-2660
Siemsen, Tammy  Email Senior Inspections Clerk 763-785-6189
Sorensen, Cathy  Email City Clerk 763-785-6124
Sundeen, Jason  Email Senior Engineering Technician 763-785-6157


Therres, Robert  Email Interim Public Works Director 763-785-6167
Therres, Bob  Email Public Services Manager 763-785-6123
Thorp, Al  Email Senior Engineering Technician 763-785-6199
Thorvig, Erik  Email Economic Development Coordinator 763-785-6147


Wicklander, Anton  Email Fire Inspector I 763-785-6195
Winkel, Andy  Email Fire Inspector I 763-717-2648

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