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Polling Place Locations

Monday, July 28, 2014
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Listed are the newly established wards and precincts as a result of the 2012 Redistricting process. Council Districts are now called Council Wards.  Look for more information in the July/August City Newsletter as well as watch the city web site for updates.  The link to the new ward/precinct map is Adobe Download.

Ward 1 Precincts Click Address for Location Map
Precinct W1-P1 University Avenue Elementary School
9901 University Avenue NE
Precinct W1-P2 Mary Ann Young Senior Center
9150 Central Avenue NE
Precinct W1-P3 St. Timothy's Catholic Church
707 – 89th Avenue NE
Precinct W1-P4 Christ Lutheran Church
641 – 89th Avenue NE
Precinct W1-P5 Schwan Center (NSC)
1750 – 105th Avenue NE
Precinct W1-P6 MN School of Business
3680 Pheasant Ridge Drive NE
Precinct W1-P7 Our Saviors Lutheran Church
9185 Lexington Avenue NE
Precinct W1-P8 Centennial Senior High (Performing Arts Center)
4757 North Road
Ward 2 Precincts Click Address for Location Map
Precinct W2-P1 King of Glory Church
10103 University Avenue NE
Precinct W2-P2A Madison Elementary School
650 Territorial Road NE
Precinct W2-P2B Kingswood Church
1264 – 109th Avenue NE
Precinct W2-P3 Jefferson Elementary School
11331 Jefferson Street NE
Precinct W2-P4A Abundant Life Community Church
1105 – 117th Avenue NE
Precinct W2-P4B Blaine City Hall
10801 Town Square Drive
Precinct W2-P5 Oak Park Community Church
12050 Aberdeen Street NE
Precinct W2-P6 Blaine City Hall
10801 Town Square Drive NE
Ward 3 Precincts Click Address for Location Map
Precinct W3-P1 Blaine United Methodist Church
621 – 115th Avenue NE
Precinct W3-P2 SBM Fire Station #3
11920 Ulysses Street NE
Precinct W3-P3 Roosevelt Middle School
650 – 125th Avenue NE
Precinct W3-P4 Way of the Lord
804 – 131st Avenue NE
Precinct W3-P5 Johnsville Elementary School
991 – 125th Avenue NE
Precinct W3-P6 NorthPoint Elementary School
2350 - 124th Court NE
Precinct W3-P7 Brookhall (next to Blainbrook)
11930 Central Avenue NE
Precinct W3-P8 Bridgewood Community Church
11670 Lexington Avenue NE

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