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Utility Billing

Thursday, March 23, 2017
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The finance department is responsible for billing of water, sewer, and garbage service to approximately 12,700 homes and commercial properties in the City of Blaine. The utility billing phone number is 763-785-6141 for all billing inquiries and moving related information. This utility number has an answering machine available after hours for the convenience of those who do not have access to a phone during regular working hours of 8 AM - 4:30 PM.

Bills are sent quarterly to residential customers and monthly to commercial companies for the previous months' services. All bills are due on the last day of the month. Any payments not received by the due date will result in a 10% late payment penalty. Any accounts that become delinquent are certified to the County for collection with the property taxes.

Since 1992 the City bills $6.36 annually to each City water customer. This charge was mandated by the federal "Safe Drinking Water Act" of 1992. The federal government determined that the number of parameters monitored in drinking water should increase for 23 to 83 parameters. The money collected by the City is paid to the State of Minnesota to fund this program.

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