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Human Resources

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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The Human Resources Department coordinates recruitment and hiring, conducts contract negotiations, and administers employee benefits, compensation and job classifications. 

NOW HIRING:  Public Safety Data Systems Manager

Welcome to the City of Blaine Employment Opportunities page.  Why are we advertising a Fridley job posting on the City of Blaine website?  This position, the Public Safety Data Systems Manager, will, in respect, be serving all of Anoka County.  The Public Safety Data System is a fully integrated system serving all law enforcement, fire departments and 911 services for the people of Anoka County.  The City of Blaine, as a member of the Anoka County Joint Law Enforcement Council, along with other members of the Joint Law Enforcement Council and Fire Protection Council, have a vested interest in this position.  Please take the opportunity to review the posting.

City Employment Opportunities

There are currently no vacancies with the City of Blaine.

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